Penny & June - Deposit Before Birth

Reservation Guidelines

Our Puppy Waitlist is made up of families who have placed a $500 deposit toward their puppy from us, and are now waiting for their newest family member to be born and ready to go home!


There are a few things to keep in mind about joining the waitlist and we hope to help make this part of the process clear and easy to understand.


If you have ANY questions after reading, please do not hesitate to reach out.


A Deposit is Your Entrance Into Our Program
Making a deposit means you have had your questions answered, and you are sure that Penny & June is the breeder for you.


Please understand, no matter how much we communicate, no matter how many emails we send back and forth, if you haven’t made a deposit, you are not on our waitlist yet. We will communicate and answer questions for you as long as you need... but your spot is not reserved until your deposit is received. Once you make your deposit, you are part of the P&J family!


Your Deposit Goes Directly to the Total Purchase Price of Your Puppy
When you make a deposit, you have already made your first payment on your new little one! Although they may not even be born yet, this deposit is our understanding that you are serious about giving a home to one of our puppies, and our promise that we will have a puppy for you!

Your Deposit Order is the Order in Which Puppies Will Be Selected
As each litter of puppies comes along, we work through our waitlist in order to know who receives puppies. We have a limited number of puppies so if you are certain that you want a P&J puppy to join your family, it is important to go ahead and pay the deposit to secure your family's spot on our waitlist.


A Deposit Can Be Made at Any Time
We accept deposits at any time, and you simply have your name added to the bottom of the list. We feel that this is the most fair, clearest and best way to structure our waiting list.


Your Deposit is Non-Refundable
PLEASE make sure that you have your questions answered and you are sure about working with us prior to making your deposit, as it is non-refundable. Like I said earlier, a “deposit” in our program is your first payment on a puppy. It means that we are reserving a place in our program for you.


Securing your name on the list also changes the timing that we tell other potential families. Because of this, we do not return deposits if you change your mind about a puppy. If you have something come up and, for any reason, you need or want to remove your name from the list, we do ask that you let us know as soon as possible.


It is important that our list is accurate and truly reflects the plans of the families on the list.  The list is how we find each puppy their new home and family.


Also, please know that we are absolutely not upset with you if your plans change; you do not need to be afraid to tell us or say you are sorry!


Also, you are 100% welcome to come back to the Penny & June Puppy Waitlist at any time in the future! Your $500 deposit will always have your name on it and will still be honored. Just let us know when you want your name to be placed back on the list!

Once a New Litter Arrives and Your Position on the Waitlist Makes You Eligible to Purchase a Puppy, We Immediately Share An Announcement and Pictures!

After the initial birth announcement, we will update you weekly with pictures of each individual puppy. Specific selection of puppies begins at 3 to 4 weeks old, in order of deposits received. This helps us make sure all puppies are going and growing strong before selection, and allows you to see pictures of, and get a feel for, each puppy and their unique personality.

Please Keep in Mind that a Deposit is Not Time Specific
Factors that Go Into the Timing of Taking Your Puppy Home:

- a female’s heat cycle timing

- a successful insemination

- a successful pregnancy

- a safe c-section

- the number of puppies in a litter

- your position on the waitlist

- the health & wellness of all puppies in the litter


Although we can estimate, averages are all we really have to go on and although this usually gets you very close, we just want to make sure you understand that there is no way to guarantee specific timing.


Thank you for your consideration in joining the Penny & June Family!